Will the Real Fascists Please Stand Up?

Ted Belman

I came upon this article in Jewish Voice. They described the event in Charlottesvile quite accurately and ended with:

But let’s get to the MSM’s coverage of this disaster. How was this event reported differently from, let us say, the massive civil violence in Ferguson or Baltimore? The anarchy in these two cities were basically outspokenly, overtly anti-white riots that led to the burning down of white owned businesses, the beatings of whites and the injuries to dozens of law enforcement officers. Yet, at no time, in any media coverage were the perpetrators referred to as fascists, racist white haters or terrorist thugs. Their violence was attributed to the social ills plaguing these municipalities. They were described as merely acting out their well known grievances against the white establishment and were written up as sort of deserving pats on the backs.

So, let’s look at numbers here. The Vanguard America organization mentioned above has, according to the ADL, about 200 members in 13 states and it claims the KKK has a membership of 3000. No figures or even a website on Unite the Right is available. In contrast, the radical Left groups that include Black Lives Matter, the Students for Justice in Palestine, the Occupy Movement, Antifa and the thousands of university students who create havoc, burn down university buildings, torch cars, evict by force white students from their dorms and prevent speakers whose views differ from theirs to address audiences, number in the tens of thousands. And the Radical Left does not bother to get permits for their anarchy. They are never called out for their violence and hatred because they are the darlings of the MSM.

We decry and oppose all anti-American, anti-democracy, anti law and order movements, be they from the Left or Right. But let’s stick to our rules of law and give them the freedom to demonstrate legally, peacefully and without violence. And to close, we note that the initial demonstration in Charlottesville was to protest the removal of statues of heroes of the Confederate States. If they are taken down, we suggest that they be placed in a museum dedicated to the history of the Democrat Party that supported slavery, spawned and filled the rosters of the KKK and until the mid 1960’s still voted against civil rights laws. Let the sunlight of truth shine on the party’s legacy.

The Times of Israel posted Netanyahu junior says leftists more dangerous than neo-Nazis.

The son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday said American left-wing groups were more dangerous in his eyes than neo-Nazis.

Weighing in on the weekend’s violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, during a far-right march, and US President Donald Trump’s controversial statements that “both sides were to blame” for the deadly incident, Yair Netanyahu said he was far more concerned by leftist organizations that have recently come into public focus.

“To put things in perspective,” Netanyahu wrote on Facebook, “I’m a Jew, I’m an Israeli, the neo nazis scums [sic] in Virginia hate me and my country. But they belong to the past. Their breed is dying out.

“However the thugs of Antifa and [Black Lives Matter] who hate my country (and America too in my view) just as much are getting stronger and stronger and becoming super dominant in American universities and public life.”

Trump’s stance was also supported by Likud MK Oren Hazan, who said Tuesday that the president “is right. Violence and extremism on any side is forbidden and demands condemnation. That doesn’t matter to the bleeding hearts on the left and in the media. After all, they believe that only the right is extremist and violent.”

Other Israeli politicians — from left and right — have been far more critical of Trump’s position, some more directly than others.

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. Interesting article. We may label the Ferguson thugs Nazis if we please, they were terrorists certainly, but it doesn’t make it so. They are not arguing for a society where blacks have more privileges than whites, their argument is that blacks are oppressed and that they should not be. Whether this is accurate or not is in this case irrelevant.In other words, they are not expressing a Nazi ideology. I would rather name them anarchists or socialists. The Nazi and Fascist ideologies are ideologies, and people who subscribe to those ideologies.

    You can be a violent thug without being a Nazi or a Fascist. You can be a Nazi or a Fascist without being a violent thug. What brands you a Nazi, a racist or a Fascist is what ideology you subscribe to, not your behavior on the streets of Ferguson or Paris.

    In Charlottesville the protesters were waving Swastikas around, they were shouting anti-Jewish slogans. In Charlottesville the protesters were subscribing to Nazi and Fascist ideologies, and THAT, and ONLY that, makes the Nazis and Fascists. Not their thuggery or the one act of Nazi terrorism. Their ideologies is what defines them, by definition.

    Do Israel have more to fear from the left than the right? Probably, not because the vitriol is stronger, but because there are far leftists than rightists. On the other hand, Jews around the world have more to fear from Nazis than from leftists. Nazis wants to KILL Jews, where ever they are, leftists only dream of “returning” (yes, they are ignorant and insane) Israel to its “rightful owners”.

    So, the worst case for a leftist threat is that Jews must leave Israel and “go back” to Europe.

    The worst case for a rightist threat is gas chambers.

    Which do you prefer?

  2. Thank you for posting this, Ted. It’s good to see some balanced reporting in the news — something very, very, very rare nowadays.

  3. @ Michael S:

    I find it bizarre in the extreme that some conservatives, Jews no less, have their noses so far up the keister of Donald Trump that they go to extreme lengths to DEFEND Nazis. I don’t care who started the fighting. It is irrelevant. I am aghast that only communists and socialists stand up to Nazis while conservative Jews SUPPORT them. I find that disgusting. What next, willingly inhale hydrogen cyanide (aka Zyklon B) to please the Nazis of Charlottesville?

    Perhaps the communists initiated the fight. That’s not the important question. The important questions are: Why didn’t you? Why didn’t I? Why is it only the extreme left that will fight Nazis?

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