Abbas swears in unity government with Hamas

Abbas said the unity government will abide by past agreements, forego violence and recognize Israel.  He did not say Hamas would.  This is significant.  Ted Belman

June 2, 2014 | 1 Comment »

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  1. My own view is that the unity gov was pre arranged, that after giving the appeariance of being agianst it to firm up his constitutency BB will fall into line. I do not beleive he is against it. this way the pals will continue to get the foreign financial support instead of Israel being responsible. the unity gov is more likely a way for hamas to keep their constituency with rhetoric while falling into line with the PLAN. They will tell their street that the unity gov did it and they are doing it for unity. Exactly what are they doing now, making noise with rhetoric while heeding the GCC instruction to form a unity gov. There will be lots of rhetoric by all in order to keep their credentials with their respective streets and constituencies. I think its all fake. All this drama gives each leader the opportunity to regain their constituencies.
    BB wants to look right wing while acting left wing.