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By Ted Belman

As you are aware running a blog the size of Israpundit is a major job.  Aside from the cost of maintaining the site and hiring technical people, there are additional costs and expenditures that come up from time to time such as traveling expenses and conference fees. Also I want to raise the necessary money to commission a feasibility study of Martin Sherman’s compensated emigration plan otherwise known as the “humanitarian solution”.

Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated. This is your opportunity to partner in the work I am doing.

Thank you.

June 2, 2014 | 26 Comments »

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  1. Ted Belman Said:

    Not only do we have to establish that we have the legal right we also have to prove that Sherman’s humanitarian solution is economically doable. Many people will shy away from full annexation because they don’t want more Arabs in Israel.

    If the state of Israel cannot decide whether or not it wishes to annex YS that is still not a legal reason to obstruct Jewish settlement there. In such a case Israel should view itself not as the agent of world Jewry but rather as the current administrator of the area. In such a position it is obligated as was Jordan and the UK to facilitate Jewish(not necessarily Israeli) immigration and encourage Jewish(not necessarily Israeli) close settlement of YS. These are the same legal obligations that the internationals agreed fall upon any of their signatories and any entity in control of YS. The legal positions are separate and the political indecision of the state of Israel has caused great damage to world Jewry. It has a legal and moral obligation to cease to obstruct Jewish immigration and settlement in YS. this does not confer an obligation to annex as when the area is settled both the inhabitants of YS and the state of Israel can determine whether they want a separate state or to unite in one state. Jewish settlement is more important than annexation and is the prime directive of the mandate. confusing the needs of the state of Israel with the interests of world Jewry has damaged world Jewry’s interest in YS.
    Israel need only operate the territory under the same principles as the mandate which envisioned a trusteeship until settlement was fulfilled.

  2. M Devolin Said:

    ” Native Canadian

    Devolin Darlin, I always believe that Canada was geographically in North America. Doesn’t that make Canadians, Americans ?
    Iam I mistaken ? And what about Mexico ?

  3. @ Ted Belman:

    Sounds close to Bennett’s plan

    Peaceful Nonreconciliation Now
    NYT Op ed
    By DANI DAYAN JUNE 8, 2014
    Dani Dayan is a former chairman of the Yesha Council of Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria. He Is a likud member and a strong supporter of BB!!!

    Monday Jun 09, 2014
    Dani Dayan’s “what now?”

    This is the first time that such a central and senior figure in the settlement leadership has drawn up a detailed initiative focusing on improving Palestinian life in the West Bank. While drawing up the plan over the past three months, Dayan consulted with senior IDF officers, government ministers, and confidants of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, including Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer. Dayan also spent time in Washington, where he presented the plan to senior advisers of both U.S. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry.

    “And what drove us? And what continues to drive us?*

    Zionism. The national ethos of the Jewish people.

    This is our land. In 1922, following 1800 years of exile during which we constantly returned to our land, and centuries of supportive identity with our nationalism by non-Jews and anti-Semitism by others, a Balfour Declaration, a San Remo decision and much more, international law recognized the need by right for a homeland of the Jews which is ours through our long historical connection. Judea and Samaria (geographical terms even the UN included in its 1947 Partition Plan; the ‘West Bank’ was created only in April 1950) were always part of that land’s territory until an ethnic cleansing campaign conducted by Arabs during, of all periods, the Mandate regime. We are driven by a national ethos that until the Arabs understand and accept. even the steps Dani suggests will be politically ineffective in the long run.

    Indeed, a sentence that stated that the return of Jews to ‘live in our ancestral homeland…because our history and culture was born and continues to flourish here” was edited out of the NYT version. Typical for the Times. Read More

  4. @ bernard ross:There is a current initiative by Jeff Daube and Arlene Kushner to get the Knesset to press for the acceptance of the Levy Report. Not only doi we have to establish that we have the legal right we also have to prove that Sherman’s humanitarian solution is economically doable. Many people will shy away from full annexation because they don’t want more Arabs in Israel. For that reason many people reject Glick’s plan. For them it leaves Sherman or Bennett. If Sherman’s plan of compensated emigration is very doable then it will compete better beside Bennett’s Plan.

  5. I agree with Bernard Ross that in order to implement the plan of annexation the ground work has to be prepared, namely, that it is understood that JS unequivocally belongs to the Jewish nation by virtue primarily of the binding agreements following WW1. Unless a widespread programme of education is implemented, annexation will be very difficult to implement.
    It can and must be done, and it was very heartening to hear of Australia’s move to stop referring to East Jerusalem as “occupied”.

  6. I want to raise the necessary money to commission a feasibility study of Martin Sherman’s compensated emigration plan otherwise known as the “humanitarian solution”.

    dear Ted, I think you do a great service with Israpundit. However, I disagree with funding this study. In my view it is not a solution but rather a possible small part of solutions. In my view a much more important influence on the problem is connected with the libel and canard that Jewish settlement in YS is illegal or illegitimate. In my view, the promotion of Jewish settlement, the destruction of this libel and canard would have the greatest effect on resolving the problem by garnering Israeli, diaspora and international support for the fully legal, legitimate and moral pursuit of Jewish settlement.
    The funding of a study which details the obvious methodologies for reversing the libels is a priority.
    This should be structured through NGO’s on the diplomatic, legal and hasbara fronts.
    Legal pressure should be brought to bear on the Israeli gov to reverse its obstruction of Jewish settlement and fulfill its defacto role as successor to the Mandate.
    Legal pressure should be bought on the Israeli foreign Ministry to demand fulfillment of agreements from all those who signed or guaranteed the relevant documents of Balfour, San Remo, LON mandate, UN charter art 80.
    Legal action by NGO’s can be brought against those same govs in their own nations courts and also against the UN and its institutions for breaching the unexpired principles of the mandate.
    Public education of Israelis, Jews and foreigners detailing the alternate factual history of the double standard swindling of the Jews and the chronic serial defamation.

    The hymn of legitimate and legal Jewish settlement should be sung globally and repetitively until the goebbelesque revisionist libels fall into derision and ridicule.

    the Sherman plan simply helps to perpetuate the libels and canards by avoiding to place the blame and responsibility where it truly lies with the internationals. It helps to perpetuate double standards of anti semitism by failing to apply the greatly accepted legal and moral principle that those who cause damage must rectify and pay. In this case, once more, the victim pays for the crimes.

  7. “No answer is also an answer.” Ted, does this mean you don’t want to say hello to me in Toronto? That’s OK. I get snubbed all the time. I won’t bother introducing myself to you then.

  8. “Since you claim Native American ancestry…”

    Actually, Honeybee, I “claim” Native Canadian background on my mother’s side, but way back I’m told. What I did claim as American are two ancestors who fought in Wahl’s Texas Legion during the Civil War. If you do a search of the history of Wahl’s Texas Legion, you will find the Devolin name there twice. Also I found out I have a cousin (Devolin) living in Texas.

  9. @ mar55:

    I made a cheesecake. TX said it was good, but with more practice my cheesecakes would be perfect. I think he’s has an ulterior motive! How nice to live in the city where you can buy wonderful Jewish food. Glad you can still kick!!!

  10. @ honeybee:
    @ honeybee:
    Hi, beautiful morning here also. Unfortunately we do not have does or yearlings around the city. Stayed home today making appointments for different doctors. Need a tune up because of old age. I can still kick enough to dance the “jarabe tapaatio”. Later I met some friends and brought some cheese blintzes. A few berries and sour cream. Delicious. Everything taste better when it is shared. Laughter is a great remedy for anything that ails you. Did not make the blinis. The Russian stores sell them and they are excellent. I like to cook only for the grandchildren.
    Be well and I hope you go soon to visit Jerusalem.

  11. “I will be there for two weeks in August and will be setting up an evening where I can talk about Israel to whomever is interested. We should meet.”

    If JDL is involved, I will certainly be there, Ted. Will be nice to meet you. I will be able to apologize in person for all my angry “rants” on Israpundit. I shouldn’t be the one to say this, but I’m actually a rather nice fellow, just that I have little tolerance for assholes. Would like to meet Yidvocate also. Sorry I can’t donate anything. I’m so poor, I can’t even pay attention.

  12. @ mar55:

    Good morning Mar55. Beautiful day a doe and her yearlings in the house yard eating my flowers wild and domestic. Hope your morning is beautiful too. Have a good holiday.

  13. Sent a small one via PayPal – it’s all I can do at this time – more later as I am blessed

  14. @ Yidvocate:Thank you for your generous donation. I will be in Toronto from Aug 4th to 14th. My son is getting married on Aug 12. JDL, Jewish Leadership, the Zelda Show and Shirley Ann Haber will promote my talk. Beyond that I may make myself available for a smaller groups. I will keep you posted. Thanks again.

  15. make it out to me and send to
    Hagdud Haivri #1, 92344, Israel.

    As I recall you live in Toronto. I will be there for two weeks in August and will be setting up an evening where I can talk about Israel to whomever is interested. We should meet.

    I prefer if you use paypal which accepts credit card payments. The reason is that mail takes more than two weeks to get here and then the check takes about three weeks for it to clear.