Mike Benz, Lou Dobbs’ Great America Show    April 2, 2024

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Executive Director of the Foundation for Freedom Online, Mike Benz says once “Russiagate” began, the CIA used the predicate of Russian interference in American speech platforms to get its tentacles into American speech. The CIA has a history of overthrowing foreign countries in the name of Democracy. So once disinformation was a threat to Democracy, that gave our intelligence agencies a permanent platform to censor American speech.

Benz says Radio Free Europe, Radio Free Asia, Radio Free Liberty and Voice of America were all CIA radio stations and have now become politicized and weaponized. Voice of America was caught during the Trump Administration running ads for Joe Biden’s campaign at taxpayer expense. The CIA’s job is mind control and they’re literally picking sides on a U.S. election.

Benz says if we’re being honest, it’s the Marxist Dem’s country. They control the courts, the tanks, the guns, they control elections by controlling whose voice is heard. And if you run against them, you’ll end up facing 91 felony charges, 700 years in prison and being bankrupted by judges at their disposal.

Benz says Mitre, the largest defense contractor on the Pentagon payroll, is at the helm of U.S. censorship. They developed technology that allowed them to scan and ban millions of pro-Trump tweets. They did the same thing with Covid dissent over vaccines, mandates and lockdowns. Mitre is essentially providing censorship weaponry against U.S. citizens.

Bill Barr’s job at CIA was to block Congress from getting information on Iran-Contra. He was the mop-up man for the CIA’s misdeeds while they were under Congressional scrutiny. It is little surprise that he would play the same role in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal decades later.

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