Biden Administration Is Provoking War In Bosnia

E. Rowell:  In an article posted 2 April 2024 THE BALKAN details the shocking way Biden and Soros schemed to manipulate the US 2020 vote from Serbia.

By Staff Writer, THE BALKAN    29 March 2024

Milorad Dodik, President of Republika Srpska, addressing the National Assembly via his official website

Already embroiled in conflicts around the world, the Biden Administration is working to provoke yet another senseless war, this time in Bosnia. By threatening to arrest the duly elected leader of the Serbian people living in Republika Srpska, the globalists running the Biden Administration’s foreign policy in the Balkans are actively seeking to undermine the fragile peace in the region in their misguided efforts to create a multi-ethnic state.

Speaking before the National Assembly of Republika Srpska, one of the two entities that comprise Bosnia in accordance with the Dayton Agreement, said “They are threatening me with arrest and I received information that they said that if my security guards resist, they will shoot me… I tell them that we will resist.”

Dodik indicated that the move, the next step in the lawfare initiated by the globalist junta ruling Bosnia against the Serb leader, is be sanctioned by the U.S. Deputy Secretary Gabriel Escobar.

Dodik said that he is in possession of a memo from the intelligence community, which states that the leader of the List for Justice and Order, Nebojsa Vukanovi?, is under the auspices of the American Embassy in BiH and the National Democratic Institute in Sarajevo, an arm of the U.S. Democrat Party, aimed at organizing sustainable protests against the authorities in Srpska.

Dodik pointed out that the Americans are waging a hybrid war against Republika Srpska and Serbia, adding that the Americans destroyed the Constitution and the Dayton Peace Agreement, stressing that it was a criminal enterprise.

Dodik declared that the Americans, Great Britain, and Germany are engaged in a joint criminal enterprise against Srpska, and that they are working with the opposition and the non-governmental sector to undermine the foundations of Srpska.

“I will constantly take new steps that Serbia should respect when it comes to Kosovo and Metohija. They do not respect Resolution 1244, attack President Vu?i? and do everything to destabilize Serbia and make it easy prey. They support self-proclaimed Kosovo and constantly give ultimatums to Serbia,” the President asserted.

“Self-proclaimed Kosovo has no international recognition. Serbia’s views are ignored and they lie that they want to resolve something. Republika Srpska clearly stands behind Serbia and the policies of President Aleksandar Vu?i?,” Dodik emphasized.

The President of Republika Srpska also demanded that the ambassadors of the U.K., Germany, and the United States, together with the globalists’ self-appointed high representative Christian Schmidt, be expelled from the country and declared “enemies of Bosnia.”

“If that does not happen,” Dodik added, “Republika Srpska will immediately leave the decision-making system, but with our people staying there but not making decisions. We will break up the partnership with the political parties.”

Former Serbian Intelligence Chief Aleksandar Vulin also declared that he has seen intelligence confirming the plot to attempt to arrest Dodik.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that the Biden Administration’s foreign policy, which is heavily influenced if not completely controlled by the Soros Foundation, is on the verge of provoking a new war in the Balkans based on their irrational hatred of Serbs and all things Serbian. This all comes on the heels of Serbian President Aleksandar Vu?i?’s public statement that “The vital national interests of both Serbia and the Republika Srpska are under immediate threat.”

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