Israel: A Light Unto the Nations for Developing Nations

My daughter, Aliza Belman Inbal, makes me so proud.

Listen to Yishai Fleisher interview her to understand why.

Dr. Aliza Inbal is the Director of the Pears Innovation for International Development Program at Tel Aviv University. She joins VOI’s Yishai Fleisher in-studio to discuss her passion for Tikkun Olam – making the world a better place, and explains Israel’s interest in helping developing countries through Israeli technology and innovation.

December 18, 2014 | 1 Comment »

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1 Comment / 1 Comment

  1. Dr. Aliza Belman Inbal is optimistic about Israel’s future. Her work in support of Israeli high tech ventures is articulate and realistic. Her efforts are designed to improve living conditions and save lives in the developing countries, specifically Africa. It’s not pie in the sky but a realistic approach to a rewarding humanitarian policy; one which should be pursued despite the roadblocks. I enjoyed listening to the entire interview.