Ted Belman. Kerry wants no one to upset the elections in Israel. Obviously he feels it will strengthen the right. But the implication is then that the US won’t veto a UNSC resolution asking for a two year deadline for Israel to vacate the territories. Then the EU court removes Hamas from terror blacklist

And finally European Union lawmakers settle on resolution stipulating that peace talks should progress, rather than a motion to recognize a Palestinian state without conditions • Center-right groups oppose recognition without a negotiated agreement with Israel.

Obviously Bibi put our head in the noose with his Bar Ilan speech and now, the world is tightening the noose without our consent. And they said all matters are to be settled by negotiations. WE MUST TAKE DECISIVE ACTION. AT A MINIMUM WE MUST DECLARE NO NEGOTIATIONS WHERE THERE ARE PRECONDITIONS. IF NOT THAT TO BUY SOME TIME THEN WE MUST ABROGATE OSLO AND ANNEX WHAT WE WANT.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry holds “tough and sensitive” meeting in London with chief PA negotiator, ahead of potential unilateral Palestinian move at U.N. Security Council • Kerry: No one should interfere in the upcoming Israeli elections.

Shlomo Cesana, Daniel Siryoti, Yoni Hirsch, Israel Hayom Staff and News Agencies

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Arab League Secretary-General Nabil Elaraby (second from left) in London on Tuesday | Photo credit: AP

Will the unilateral Palestinian initiative at the U.N. be postponed until after the Israeli elections in March? U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is trying to get the Palestinians to delay their proposal to the U.N. Security Council for a resolution that would set a two-year deadline for the establishment of a Palestinian state and an “end to the occupation.”

A day after meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Rome, Kerry on Tuesday held talks with European counterparts from France, Britain and Germany in Paris, and later met with chief Palestinian Authority negotiator Saeb Erekat and Arab League officials in London.

During their meeting on Monday, Netanyahu sought reassurances from Kerry that the U.S. would use its Security Council veto to block separate efforts by Palestinians and Europeans to set a time frame for Palestinian statehood. Kerry did not give a definitive response to the prime minister.

On Tuesday, Kerry said the U.S. had made “no determinations” about any possible U.N. Security Council resolutions related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“This isn’t the time to detail private conversations or speculate on a U.N. Security Council resolution that hasn’t even been tabled, no matter what pronouncements are made publicly about it,” Kerry said.

“What we’re trying to do is have a constructive conversation with everybody to find the best way to go forward in order to create the climate, the atmosphere, the political space, if you will, to be able to go back to negotiations and resolve [the Israeli-Palestinian conflict] politically,” he said.

“In the end … this isn’t up to the international community or others. This has to be decided by the parties. The parties have to want this more than anybody outside, and the parties have to make key decisions that can lead to the resolution.”

Kerry emphasized it was important not to interfere in the upcoming Israeli elections.

“It’s very difficult and complicated because we believe very deeply that nobody should somehow interfere or do something that might be perceived of as interfering in the course of that election,” Kerry said.

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, “A U.N. Security Council resolution is not, in our view, a unilateral measure by either one of the parties. … Obviously, the details are what matter. And so our objection here, and our objection historically, has been to measures that would prejudge the outcome of the negotiations. If you had a Security Council resolution from the Palestinians, which we’ve had in the past, that sought to have them recognized as … a member state, that’s a unilateral action, as you all know. But if you were to do some kind of terms of reference in the Security Council resolution, that would not be what we would consider to be a unilateral step.

“So obviously, there are a range of proposals out there. There isn’t a proposal tabled. We don’t know what will be presented and we have to see — we’re having a discussion about all of the options with all of the parties.

“There is a perception … that we have never supported any U.N. action related to Israel, and that is not true. We have supported a range of actions in the past. What we haven’t supported are steps that are unilateral actions that predetermine the outcome of negotiations.”

In addition to their U.N. push, the Palestinians are also threatening to join international organizations and pursue war crimes charges against Israel at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. At a Hanukkah candle lighting ceremony with Israeli soldiers on Tuesday, Netanyahu said, “The Palestinian Authority plans to accuse us of war crimes — what nerve! You have nothing to fear — we won’t let them and they won’t succeed.”

A Palestinian official who was at the Kerry-Erekat meeting on Tuesday said Kerry made it clear to the Palestinians that the U.S. government opposes unilateral initiatives and efforts to force a peace agreement on Israel and the Palestinians. Therefore, if the Palestinians were to submit their proposed resolution to the Security Council on Wednesday, the U.S. would veto it.

The official said the Kerry-Erekat meeting was “tough and sensitive.” According to the Palestinians, the U.S. is demanding that any deal to renew peace talks includes recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. The Palestinians also say the U.S. is refusing to set a limited time frame for peace talks as the Palestinians demand.

Moreover, the official said the Palestinians told Kerry that if the U.S. did veto their Security Council resolution, the Palestinians would begin to join international organizations, with the International Criminal Court in The Hague being first in line.

The Palestinians would need nine of the 15 votes in the Security Council to pass their resolution.

France still has not formally introduced its own proposal seeking a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The French proposal speaks of the 1967 borders as the basis for dividing the land, which U.S. President Barack Obama has publicly backed, but it does not include key Israeli — and U.S. — conditions such as Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. France’s diplomatic push was prompted by the more far-reaching Palestinian resolution, backed by Jordan, that demands a full Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank within two years and full recognition of “Palestine” as a state, with no talk of land swaps or security measures.

Palestinian officials have said their resolution would be submitted for a possible vote Wednesday. Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riad Malki, however, backtracked Tuesday, telling Voice of Palestine radio that the Palestinians were waiting on the outcome of this week’s diplomacy in Europe before deciding when to go to the U.N. He suggested a possible postponement.

In Paris on Tuesday, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius made his case to Arab officials and former Israeli President Shimon Peres.

Fabius said “it’s high time” to resume peace talks. Peres said a Palestinian state would be better reached “through an agreement than through an imposition.”

Support for France’s initiative even within Europe is uncertain, despite mounting pressure for legislators across the continent to hold votes recognizing a Palestinian state. Countries are divided over the idea of setting a 2016 deadline, with Germany particularly reluctant, diplomats said.

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  1. @ drjb:I totally agree and I am working to that end. I am in close contact with Sherman and with people in the camps of Bennett and Feiglin. I haven’t talked to Eldad in a long time. He is certainly part of the group,

  2. @ Goldi:
    Under normal conditions there are swarms of CIA, NSA and other US operatives sabotaging the state from within.
    The government here knows precisely who and where they are. Regrettably the so called government here is riddled by bought traitors. As we speak the politzei is raiding Jewish organizations and issuing false arrest orders. Also standard procedure.
    The state cannot be aby longer entrusted to the “elites” representatives. The operatives for that trash are extreme unJews including but not limited to Peres, Livni, Gal On, Hertzog, Peretz, Mitzna, etc. Netanyahu is only a TV face.
    The Jewish people is in dire danger and must create a NEW government structure incorporating clean people. NO GENERALS, NO FORMER anythings.

    Caroline Glick for PM/

  3. @ drjb: i totally agree, furthermore, i would like to see Feiglin form his own party. He could then join a Likud, habayit Hayehudi coalition, and be the deal maker, or rain maker. In today’s atmosphere and after his statesman like message, he is bound to garner great support, and could no longer be shunned by Netanyahu as in the past.
    As for Kerry making nice, with his 180 degree turn around, BEWARE Not to interfere with the elections???? What a joke. I bet that CIA agents are swarming all over Israel.!

  4. Ted,
    guys like Bennett, Feiglin, Eldad, etc, who advocate the one state solution must be supported and given a platform. We need to encourage their unity.
    It’s the only chance Israel has. as it is, the tide against Israel’s interests is so dramatic and has gained so much momentum that it seems inevitable that Israel will be brought to its knees, split apart, and a Palestinian state created at the expense of Israel.

  5. Israel should simply refuse to discuss any proposal with those that sought to circumvent Israel whether the US UN EU etc… just ignore anything they want to discuss that arises from this extortion.

  6. If you had a Security Council resolution from the Palestinians, which we’ve had in the past, that sought to have them recognized as … a member state, that’s a unilateral action, as you all know. But if you were to do some kind of terms of reference in the Security Council resolution, that would not be what we would consider to be a unilateral step.

    the lying obama admin wants the resolution to pass but wants to pressure Israel NOT to declare Oslo dead through breach of agreement. Israel should declare Oslo dead, deport ALL the PLO families and their descendants who entered Israel under the Oslo agreement as they would no longer be in Israel legally. then annex C immediately while deciding how to operate a&B. Any pal rioter should be immediately deported. As the pals have breached the Geneva conventions by terror then Israel should declare that it will NOT unilaterally observe them.

  7. The One-State Solution is only peace solution that is based on reality. It takes the solution out of the hands of America and Obama and puts it back into our hands, where is belongs and it returns our political power. This is extremely important due to our immediate discussions and decisions we need to make.

    The Israeli Solution; A One-State Plan For Peace in the Middle East; eBook ISBN 978-0-385-345804-2
    ISBN 978-0-385-34806-5

  8. @ Bear Klein:
    Could anyone well trained in Law, International Law, explain to us what is the EU?
    A- A country recognized by the UN?
    B- Does it have legal standing as an independent Union?
    C- Does it have a military and judicial system?
    D. Outside a coin, what other instrument it posts?
    Who are the Ambassadors of the EU to Russia?, China? Japan?
    Basically. Why are “resolutions” by that ad hock ensemble be more binding than resolutions by the dog catchers association, the fisherman gild?

  9. @ SHmuel HaLevi 2: People who were not as strong as Ben Gurion told him not to announce the rebirth of Israel because so many countries were against it is formation.

    Now Israel is 100 times stronger! Israel can resist the international community to start another terror state in the heart of Israel.

    If a PA state is started without the IDF in Judah and Samaria within a few months Hamas will take over and we will be having a multi-pronged war from a far weaker geographic position and 1000s of people will die.

  10. After 56 years the US and Cuba renewed today diplomatic relations.
    Obama. The “isolation of Cuba process” did not work.
    For the self defeat advocates who peddle Israel’s “isolation” as a fear mongering tactic…
    Why should it work against US?
    Mind you. Cuba also faced direct US military attacks.
    CIA operations, etc.
    Nothing of that worked.
    Under the proper leadership. It will never work here either.
    We msu forge ahead and return our Law to all of Eretz Israel.

  11. Europe is pandering to its increasingly Arab and Muslim population to buy domestic quiet and of course to preserve its influence in the Arab World. From its perspective, there is no cost to flipping off Israel and the Jews can be put in their place through a bit of good old-fashioned European arms-twisting. There is also the perception in Brussels that Israel needs Europe more than Europe needs Israel and perhaps the Jewish State is willing to swallow its pride to maintain all-important relations with Europe.

  12. The whole charade has no material basis. The “EU” has no international standing or even membership as such in the “UN”, etc. Has Israel recognized the “EU” as a country, an aggregate? What? Some states part of that social club have a coin in common that many of them rather drop.
    Does anyone know who is the US Ambassador to the EU?
    I will rather keep on improving my ASADO skills than waste time with what is that?
    What that “EU” did is equivalent to the FIFA recognizing the same.

  13. Ted, yes they think twisting Israels arm at the UN will help the Likud and Bayit Yehudi.

    So just the opposite is true they will probably veto an Anti-Israel resolution. Kerry is not saying so front because he trying to steer things away from UN at least for now. The US does not want this in the UN because it is not what they believe can solve things and actually make them worse. They have told Erekat this in private more than once that the US will veto the PA resolution in the UN.

    The US budget resolution says the PA joining the UN or its agency will force the US to withhold funds from the PA.