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  • February 2, 2013

    On Mistaking Mohamed Mursi For His Mask

    Raymond Stock:

    … Amid constant bloody demonstrations, incessant, widespread strikes, intensified persecution of Christians and skyrocketing crime, the Brotherhood rode confidently to state power in large part on the back of the Obama administration. …

    America’s role as the MB’s primary beast of burden didn’t begin even with the January 25th Revolution. Or rather, the revolution did not start on that date. Arguably, it really began on June 4, 2009. On that day, Obama gave his famous “speech to the Islamic world” from Cairo University (Egypt’s first secular university, founded in 1908), but also sponsored by al-Azhar University (Sunni Islam’s most prestigious center of learning, established by the Shi’ite Fatimid dynasty in the 10th century). Not only was the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood’s leadership invited to attend, but to sit in the front row—thus excluding Obama’s official host (according to protocol)—President Mubarak.

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  • Posted by Andrew Jaffee @ 11:54 pm | 4 Comments »

    4 Comments to On Mistaking Mohamed Mursi For His Mask

    1. Jeff says:

      Mubarek was an ally of Israel. He kept that border sealed shut. Look what Obama did with Libya and egypt. He is a f*cking anti-Semite Muslim!!!!

    2. Rahamim Akerib says:

      Its about time that people realize who is the real Obama. He came to power from left field, was groomed to take over like the Manchurian Candidate. He succeeded in toppling Governments and gave the countries to the Muslim Brotherhood. He did an exellent job.
      Did you ever wonder how and when Obama converted to Christianity? I don’t think he ever did officially, otherwise he would have been called an Infidel by the Muslims and had issued a Fatwa on him – becasue NO Muslim is allowed to leave the faith

    3. Shy Guy says:

      Jeff Said:

      Mubarek was an ally of Israel

      Just plain ridiculous. Mubarak was an ally of Mubarak. It serves Egypt well to keep the anti-Israel kettle boiling in Gaza and not let anyone get scalded by Hamas in Egypt.