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  • February 3, 2013

    Why is Netanyahu nor supportive of the settlement enterprise

    Caroline Glick recently wrote About the Next Israeli Government.

    This is the most important take away:

      At the same time, Netanyahu’s assault on his own political camp, starting with Likud and moving to Naftali Bennett and the Bayit Yehudi indicate that at a minimum, Netanyahu will do nothing to advance Israel’s position vis-à-vis the Palestinians. He is unlikely to permit significant new construction in Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria or significant Jewish building in Jerusalem. He is unlikely to undertake any democratic reforms in the Justice Ministry or the court system. He is unlikely to take any steps to boost Israel’s rights in Judea and Samaria or to undermine the terrorist-led Palestinian Authority.

    I totally agree. Now if she would only explain Bibi’s thinking.

    This is exactly what he did during the last four years.

  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 4:38 pm | 2 Comments »

    2 Comments to Why is Netanyahu nor supportive of the settlement enterprise

    1. Bernard Ross says:

      Why is Netanyahu not supportive of the settlement enterprise

      for the same reason that the majority of Israelis are not supportive? they are not interested in ruling or transferring the arabs from YS and they are satisfied with the status quo re Land for Israel. they view the settlers as being an obstruction to maintaining the stability of the status quo. they do not wish to fight for what they do not desire.

    2. Shmuel HaLevi says:

      There are close t0 450000 Jewish people living in Jerusalem sections and Y & S that they unJews, both here and overseas in particular “do not want”. In keeping with that treasonous vision the same elements just abandoned to the Vatican, days ago, the area including King David and King Solomon mausoleums in the heart of Jerusalem.
      The unJews would easily completely abandon as well Temple Mount, Hebron, Kever Rachel and instead make pilgrimages to Rabin, Dayan and Ben Gurion burial places.
      Netanyahu is only focused on his own NOBEL and money, nothing else.
      It would be the correct thing to do to exert every bit of power and remove the unJewish stain from “leadership”..
      They will also, as they have done all along, allow Iran to complete its program to use that as excuse to pile up more budgets and general for our “defense” while destroying all Jewish locations and quite possibly also people, to “keep the peace”.
      In a nutshell, that is Netanyahu’s and his handlers plan expresed by his intentional assaults against the Likud list and other Jewish parties.

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