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  • February 3, 2013

    The Transparency Law reveals massive funding to political advocacy NGOs


    Jerusalem – Today, Jerusalem-based research institute NGO Monitor released a report analyzing submissions made by NGOs to the Israeli registrar of non-profits in Israel in 2012, as legislated under the NGO Transparency law. The law mandates that NGOs file quarterly reports about support received from foreign government bodies. NGOs receive funding from two primary channels, either via direct funding from foreign governments, or indirectly via third parties such as foundations, and humanitarian, development, and religious NGOs.

    The reports for 2012 show that a total amount of 34,355,579 NIS annually is being provided to 30 NGOs from a number of foreign governments. NGO Monitor highlights in our analysis the use of foreign government money to fund political advocacy NGOs based in Israel. As of January 27, 2013, 13 political advocacy NGOs reported grants from foreign governments totaling 21,671,115 NIS, these groups include B’Tselem, Physicians for Human Rights Israel, Gisha, and Yesh Din. A number of other political advocacy NGOs that regularly receive funding from foreign governments did not submit quarterly reports in 2012 for reasons unknown.

    “The law, implemented by the Israeli Ministry of Justice, is an international model for transparency; it has been proven to be effective and serves as a contribution to the democratic processes,” said Professor Gerald Steinberg, President of NGO Monitor. “Once received, the funding information is made public, allowing all Israelis to access data on the influence of foreign governments on political discourse. Most alarming is the amount of foreign funding going to NGOs involved in polarizing activity in the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict, often contrary to the stated positions of the government funders. Additionally some of the donors involved through indirect government support, such as Christian Aid, Diakonia, and the Norwegian Refugee Council, are also involved in the Durban Strategy based on delegitmization campaigns targeting Israel. ”

    Click here to read NGO Monitor’s report on the Transparency Law

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  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 6:45 pm | 8 Comments »

    8 Comments to The Transparency Law reveals massive funding to political advocacy NGOs

    1. Bernard Ross says:

      They are the willing and knowledgeable agents of foreign governments attempting to subvert the elected Israeli govts. and laws. In war this would be a capital crime: Israel is at war. One cannot mistake freedom of expression with treason, as many would have it believed. On the battlefield it would bring immediate execution. Israel is on the battlefield.
      Only a fool participates in his own demise, Who are the fools?
      The body naturally fights against foreign infections and its immune systems destroy them or the body is destroyed. KISS!

    2. Bernard Ross says:

      …massive funding to political advocacy NGOs

      A misnomer! Political advocacy is not synonymous with physical action to obstruct and destroy. The action promotes the advocacy to treason. Even advocacy has been considered treason when advocating the overthrow of a state, which is what the foreign funders intend.
      Who are the fools? The Israel citizenry and govt!

    3. Shy Guy says:

      There are Israelis that need to be lynched on lampposts, like some Londoners succeeded in doing to downed Luftwaffe pilots during the Blitz.

    4. NormanF says:

      Shy Guy Said:

      There are Israelis that need to be lynched on lampposts, like some Londoners succeeded in doing to downed Luftwaffe pilots during the Blitz.

      Anti-Israel Israeli NGOs… have far more visible pages in English than in Hebrew. You can tell by where the traffic comes from who is actually paying for these sites to maintained. Shy Guy, you are correct – Israel has its own Benedict Arnolds and Tokyo Roses – too many of them to count.

    5. Jim Texas says:

      Israel should, IMO, follow Russia’s recent law forbidding foreign funding of Russia NGOs. The NGOs in Israel would need to be supported solely from within Israel–that would have an immediate impact. Also, since the NGOs are working against the government, toss them out and bar any re-entry to the country. They could continue to try hassling Israel outside the country but probably won’t be effective.

      Israel needs to protect its interests FIRST…

    6. Shmuel HaLevi says:

      The commenters are all correct. In every respect.
      Yet, Mr. Netanyahu set aside a Law that would have greatly harmed those traitors, He blocked it a few months before elections.
      An independent, if at all possible citizens elected committe must be formed to investigate the reasons for Mr. Netanyahu and others to set aside that Law in the making.

    7. Canadian Otter says:

      ISRAELI GOVT WILLING PART OF THIS – Not only by allowing these groups to operate freely in Israel, but by becoming agents for their agenda which demands the partition and shriking of Israel.

      NAZISM never died. It did not even become dormant. It has been very much alive all these post-war years – just disguised behind “democratic” institutions and “humanitarian” organizations. While they sent their Nazis underground, European governments contracted out the killing of Jews to the Arabs, as the EU engaged in more socially acceptable diplomatic and psychological warfare against the Jews of Israel. ~~~~~ While Israelis squirm at the idea of establishing sovereignty over land that is legally theirs, Nazis are once again marching on the streets of Europe. What else will it take for Israeli Jews to wake up to the fact that they are being targeted for destruction, and that they need to hold on to their land instead of giving it away so freely?

      Chilling Video: Thousands of Neo-Nazis March Through Athens –

    8. Honey Bee says:

      @ Jim Texas:

      Where from in Texas?