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  • March 29, 2013

    Qatar aims to take over Jerusalem with billion dollar investment

    By Dr. Mordechai Kedar..
    Middle East and Terrorism..

    One of the biggest complaints of the Syrian regime against the involvement of Qatar in Syria during the past two years is that the Emir of Qatar has been utilizing all of his wealth in fighting the wrong enemy: instead of fighting Israel, which is the true problem of Arabs and Muslims, the Emir of Qatar uses his strength and wealth in a fight against the “resistance” regimes, mainly Syria and Libya, who take a strong stand against Israel and Zionism. Qatar does not usually respond to accusations of this sort, because everyone knows that Israel has always been used to hide the real problems of the Arab and Muslim world, which center around corrupt, rotten, cruel and illegitimate regimes.

    However, the Syrian propaganda has ultimately succeeded. Last Tuesday [March 26], while the Jewish people celebrated the first day of the holiday of Freedom, the Arab League summit met in Doha, the capital of Qatar and took two important decisions: one was to arm the Syrian opposition, which also includes – as everyone knows – some al-Qaeda style jihadi groups, such as ” Jabhat al-Nusrah”, to oust Bashar Asad and his regime from the institutions of the League and to make the Syrian opposition the official representation of Syria in these institutions. And indeed, behind the sign for “the Syrian Arab Republic” in the summit conference, sat Muath al-Khatib, head of the coalition of Syrian opposition organizations.

    The second decision was to establish a fund of a billion dollars in order to strengthen the Arab and Muslim character of Jerusalem, and to add a sense of validity and resolve to this decision, Qatar announced that it is donating a half billion dollars to the fund. According to the decision, the fund will serve to finance projects and plans to strengthen the resolve of the residents of Jerusalem and to strengthen the Palestinian economy so that it will be able to free itself from dependence on the Israeli economy. “The Islamic Development Bank” was appointed to manage the fund. in parallel, the summit conference decided to form a delegation of ministers headed by the prime minister and foreign minister of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Taib, and it will include members from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Egypt and Morocco as well as the secretary-general of the League. The function of this delegation will be to pressure the American government in the Palestinian matter in general and the issue of Jerusalem in particular.

    The question at the moment is whether to relate seriously to Qatar’s intentions, especially in light of the fact that in about one more month we will mark forty six years of the unification of Jerusalem. This number is important, because in another four years the Islamic world will mark fifty years of the loss of Jerusalem and its return to the Jewish bosom, and an era of fifty years has a symbolic significance of permanence and perpetuity. Our assumption must be that Qatar relates to the matter of Jerusalem with total seriousness, for several reasons:

      1. Islamic rule in East Jerusalem, and especially in the area of the Temple Mount, implies, according to Islam, the abolition of Judaism, and is supposed to prove the Islamic notion that Islam has come into the world in order to replace Judaism and Christianity. Muslims cannot tolerate Jewish rule on the Temple Mount because from their point of view it means that Judaism has again become a relevant religion after Islam had superseded it when Islam arrived in the world in the seventh century CE.
      2. More than anything else, Jewish rule on the Temple Mount symbolizes the Israeli victories over the Arab world in the wars since 1948. This is an insult to the Arab honor and Islamic pride.
      3. There is not and cannot be another interpretation in this matter: the Jews can live as “dhimmis” (a protected people) of Islam as long as they accept upon themselves the limits that the Muslim regime places upon them, and in no way can they be permitted to live as sovereign and ruling masters on the land and in the places that Islam has consecrated for itself such as the Temple Mount, which, since the end of the seventh century, has been called “the al-Aqsa Mosque”.
      4. Since the “Arab Spring” – which Qatar funded and promoted in many ways – is seen as a blood bath whose victims are Arabs and Muslims, Qatar must atone for its sins by using some of its resources against the ultimate historical rival, which is Judaism, and specifically, Israel.
      5. The fact that the president of the United States takes a conciliatory approach toward the Palestinians and their Arab brothers, means that there is a significant chance that the present administration will be sympathetic to the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic demands regarding Jerusalem.
      6. Within the Arab and Muslim world there is an almost unanimous consensus that sees Jerusalem as Islamic property. This consensus allows Qatar to lead in a matter that almost everyone agrees upon, for a change.
      7. The battle for Jerusalem is almost the only thing that all of the Palestinian streams agree on, and therefore it can be used as the basis for reunification of Fatah and Hamas.
      8. In Israel there are more than a few “bleeding hearts” who think that giving up Jerusalem will appease the Arabs and Muslims and after that, they will let Israel live in peace. They call for “compromise”, meaning that Israel should give up East Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount, and Qatar can depend on them too in the struggle against Israel in this matter.

    What Can We Expect?

    A billion dollars is a large amount, very large, and Qatar can do many things with it, all of which are allowed according to Israeli law: purchasing buildings and lots from Jews and Christians at an exorbitant price; acting to prevent Jews and Christians from purchasing buildings and lots; establishing civil social organizations and Islamic and general “charity” institutions together with Jews and Christians who participate, whether from naivete or malice; Supporting activities of “maintaining” the Wakf in the Temple Mount; support of activities for adults and youth in the Temple Mount organized by the northern and southern Islamist streams in Israel; issuing grants to the Arab residents of Jerusalem for building, both with a permit and without one; issuing grants to Arab residents of Jerusalem for buildings that have been destroyed by the state or by the city; funding organizations that act to prevent the destruction of buildings; increasing the media coverage of al-Jazeera – the jihadi channel of Qatar -in Jerusalem, in order to renew awareness of “the occupation” after the events of the “Arab Spring” displaced it from the center of the world’s attention; funding suits of individuals for restitution of property from individuals, the city and the manager of the Israel Lands Authority; funding of suits to delay and cancel the city’s development plans; international activities for increasing awareness of the Israeli “occupation” in Jerusalem; funding for convening international conferences on the subject of “the judaization of Jerusalem”; activities against Israeli publications abroad that show Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; funding for appeals to international organizations and tribunals against the steps that Israel takes in Jerusalem; funding of the Arabic educational system in Jerusalem in order to prevent Israeli Ministry of Education from setting foot in it; funding for establishment and development of infrastructures (water, sewage, electricity, communications, roads, sidewalks and parks) in East Jerusalem; funding for the establishment of mosques in East Jerusalem; funding for Israeli NGOs such as “Ir Amim” and similar ones via the New Israel Fund or American funds such as the Ford Foundation; funding of Israeli politicians who support the division of Jerusalem; funding of international “understand the reality” delegations in Jerusalem; funding for “roots” journeys for people from the United States and Europe to Jerusalem; funding for books and publications about the Islamic past and the “dismal present” of Jerusalem; support for consolidation of Muslim foreign workers – and especially from Eritrea – in Jerusalem; funding an organization for demonstrations in Jerusalem in order to highlight its concerns in the news media; covert funding of martyrs’ families who have sacrificed themselves and those who will sacrifice themselves in terror attacks in Jerusalem.

    These are only a few of the activities that Qatar will be able to fund, either openly or indirectly. Some of these activities are happening already!!! It’s important to note that Qatar is capable of streaming money into Israel by way of funds, companies and organizations that act legally in Europe or the United States, and it is extremely difficult in a democratic country like Israel to put a stop to the flow of these monies and to stop the activity that is funded by them.

    It could be that the Israeli legislature will have to use the Basic Law on Jerusalem in order to widen the authorities of the state in a way that will be able to cope effectively with the threats of Qatar to bring an “Islamic winter” to Jerusalem that it has been supporting since December of 2010. Democracy does not have to allow jihad to be waged against it, even if this jihad uses means that appear to be legal. This is called “defensive democracy”, and a democratic state that refrains from defending itself is a “suicidal democracy”.

    Qatar’s support for anti-semites is not new: only a few months ago the Emir of Qatar visited the Gaza Strip and left the terrorist government of Hamas almost a half billion dollars, and not to fund a delegation of “Lovers of Zion” in the Strip. With this, Qatar has proven that it is a state that supports terror, and in the most official way. If the Jewish people and its Christian supporters do not wake up in time, we might find ourselves victims of the jihad that Qatar has declared on Israel in the matter of Jerusalem. The Israeli legislature must take immediate action in order to lay down the legal infrastructure for the Israeli and Jewish defensive battle for the capital of the Jews since 3000 years ago.

    The Jewish and Christian world must use their political abilities and financial resources to preempt the encroaching evil that is threatening Jerusalem, brought in by the desert tribes and funded by the monies from the black gold.

    In November of the year 636 CE the Islamic siege of Jerusalem, which was then under the command of the Byzantine bishop Sopronius, began. Half a year afterward, toward the end of April, 637, after Khaliph Umar bin al-Khattab arrived at the gates of the city, Sopronius surrendered and handed the keys of Jerusalem over to the cruel ruler of the desert tribes. The question that the world is now presented with is: will the keys of the holy city again be handed over to the tribes of the desert who enter on the wings of petrodollars from the Arabian Peninsula? Has the time not yet come to undo the legacy of criminal archaeologist, Moshe Dayan, who granted control over the site of the Temple to the Wakf so that he – Dayan – could secretly excavate it? Will the Jewish and Christian world allow oil monies to subjugate again the holy city and bring its residents to their knees?



    The Qatari Apartheid Fund

    Seth Mandel..
    28 March ’13..

    As Jews in America were preparing for their second seder (or perhaps recovering from the first), during which they sang “next year in Jerusalem,” representatives of the states that make up the Arab League were trying to figure out how to prevent that from occurring. Specifically, Mahmoud Abbas–the man some people still fancifully claim is a brave man of peace–was pleading for help from the Arab states to stop Jews from being able to live in their eternal capital and the spiritual center of their universe.

    His hateful speechifying was not in vain. Qatar–a country on a singular mission to empower jihadists throughout the region–pledged to establish a special apartheid fund in the hopes of raising $1 billion. It won’t be called an apartheid fund, obviously, but its beneficiaries speak the language of bigotry. TheJerusalem Post reports:

    Abbas hailed Qatar’s announcement that it would establish a special fund for Jerusalem with a $1 billion budget to support the Arab residents of the city and foil Israel’s attempts to “judaize” east Jerusalem.

    This has been a Palestinian complaint for some time. Under Israeli control, both Jews and non-Jews are permitted to live throughout Jerusalem. Between 1948 and 1967, when Jordan invaded and captured the city, Jews were not permitted to enter Jordanian territory. When Israel regained the Jewish capital, the apartheid policies were of course lifted and worshipers of any religion could live in the city and visit their respective holy sites.

    The preferred Palestinian policy is one in which Arabs are permitted to live in any part of Jerusalem but Jews are forbidden from living in certain parts of the city. The State of Israel, obviously, rejects this. It isn’t quite clear how the Qatari apartheid fund is supposed to work. It can’t control housing policy in Israeli territory, but Qatari money is quite often put to violent purposes, so this is sure to raise alarm. On Monday, Haaretz had previewed the conference:

    Speaking from his capital city, Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani will reportedly commit a large sum of money to the cause and call on Arab states – especially in the Persian Gulf – to chip in. The fund will be managed by an Islamic investment bank and is expected to attract around $1 billion.

    Palestinian Authority officials are skeptical, noting the Arab League has made and broken generous promises in the past, including one to provide their government with a financial safety net.

    “We hope this time the decisions will be implemented in full,” a senior Palestinian official told Haaretz.

    It is my great hope that one day Palestinian officials will be embarrassed to make these comments to newspapers, and it says something about the West’s bigotry of low expectations toward the Palestinians that it doesn’t express any outrage at the talk of apartheid funds as soon as President Obama leaves the region.

    Complaints about “Judaizing” anything reflect the mindset of people with no interest in living in peace with their Jewish neighbors–they, in fact, would like there to be no Jewish neighbors at all. It also offers a good indication of the intentions of the current Palestinian leadership were they to get their own fully sovereign state. And this “Judenrein” mindset inculcates a predilection toward separatism and xenophobia in Palestinian youth. It’s the sort of thing Hillary Clinton used to call child abuse when she was running for Senate in New York. Perhaps we’ll hear such forthright language if and when Clinton runs for president and reclaims the kind of moral leadership anathema to Foggy Bottom.

    It also has broader consequences. In his Tablet column today, Michael Moynihan writes of Danish journalist Martin Krasnik’s experiment in which he walked through his town in Denmark wearing a yarmulke. It did not go very well, and he received all manner of threats. Krasnik is a political liberal, but he and other Danes are expressing both sorrow and fear at the anti-Semitism “imported from the Middle East,” especially in more heavily Palestinian neighborhoods and schools. It seems Palestinians, taking a cue from their nominal political leader Abbas, do not constrain their opposition to “Judaization” to Jerusalem or even the Palestinian territories. Abbas feeds and encourages hatred of Jews to such an extent that Palestinians seem resistant to living in peace with Jews anywhere in the world.

    And Qatar hopes to encourage this mindset to the tune of $1 billion.


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  • Posted by Ted Belman @ 10:34 am | 7 Comments »

    7 Comments to Qatar aims to take over Jerusalem with billion dollar investment

    1. Canadian Otter says:

      It was inevitable. For years I’ve been puzzled at how easily Arabs put up illegal construction right in front of thousands of Jews. Regavim is a tiny little group fighting Arab takeover of land, but they can’t keep up. ~~~ A fatal mix of pro-Arab authorities and a public too busy or too discouraged to protest is contributing to the voluntary surrender of Israel. Now Arabs are ramping up their efforts aided by a world eager to join in the kill. ~~~ Oslo started the countdown, but Jews appear too busy congratulating themselves for their increasing numbers, their military and nuclear arsenal, and their technological and financial accomplishments to notice. ~~~~~ I know that the media tends to skew reality, but the daily headlines seem almost like those of a nation at war suffering one strategic defeat after another. Every single day. Taken alone they don’t appear to be fatal, but together they are weakening the country, as predators chasing prey. ~~~~~ Regarding the dispute over the Falklands, the Argentinian FM recently called on the UN to “wear down” the British. That’s what the UN and the rest of the international campaign against Israel is attempting to do: to wear down Israelis for their ultimate defeat. ~~~ UNLESS Israelis wake up to the fact that their authorities don’t have Israel’s best interest at heart, and feel motivated enough by outrage and fear for their country to organize and empower themselves, we’ll continue to watch this disaster unfold in slow motion.

    2. RaymondF says:

      This is very sad news because Qatar and like-minded Arab neighbors have vast sums of funds available, thanks in part to leftist American politicians keeping so much of America’s oil reserves off limits and therefore sending great wealth to these oil producers.

      They are now using this wealth to support Jihad and work to strengthen the PA. The very idea that part of Israel is Jew-free and that much more may become that way is in direct contrast to Israel’s policy of allowing Jews, Arabs, and Christians to live in peace side by side. This blatant Apartheid makes reason stare.

      One positive result of this threat may be an awakening of Moderates and leftists in Israel, although they have the ability to never disappoint us. America had a brief coming=together after 9-11 but the left-loving do-gooders were back to their old hate-America stance almost immediately. Guess it’s hard for a leopard to change its spots.

    3. RaymondF says:

      @ Canadian Otter:
      Regavim can’t keep up–how can you stop a flood with a thimble? While $1 billion is being promised to “stop judaization” of East Jerusalem, how about getting Jewish and Christian potentates to come forward with the big buck for our cause?

    4. Canadian Otter says:

      @ RaymondF
      Unfortunately what MOST Christians want is Jerusalem out of Jewish hands. They don’t mind if Muslims get it – as long as Jews are forever cut off from Jerusalem. The Vatican and most protestant sects work in close collaboration with Islam – never mind how their own are being persecuted and slaughtered by Muslims. ~~~ The pope just called for more understanding with Islam, and then washed a Muslim woman’s feet in an Easter ritual. Popes have met and embraced the same PA leaders that call for the murder of Jews and the takeover of all of Israel. Too many Protestant churches are at war with Israel. ~~~~~ Defending Jewish Israel is not a matter of money alone. Israelis have their state and their laws. How much money does it take to enforce the law? ~~~ No. It’s not about money but about public awareness, spirit and organization. If Jews stop handing over all responsibility to weak or treasonous officials, if Jewish spirits are strong, if they organize with a simple and well-defined agenda, they could achieve a lot. And then success would build on success. By Jews I mean the general population, not the treasonous elite that is destroying the country.

    5. Canadian Otter says:

      The other money – the one we never talk about is that of Israelis doing brisk business with the PA and Gaza. They have great influence on government officials. Often former officials move smoothly from govt into industry/finance, with nice salaries and perks. They are an incestuous bunch, just as in the United States.

      Trade between the PA and Israel is about #20 Billion dollars annually. – These Israeli businessmen want their Arab partners to be happy, so they lobby for never ending appeasement and for partition. They also want things to go smoothly in their trade with Gazans, so they restrain Israeli policies regarding rockets and other terrorist activities. It’s quite frankly revolting. But it’s reality.

    6. Canadian Otter says:

      My comment has been zapped by Spam Filter

    7. Canadian Otter says:

      This Israeli financial elite I mention above (talkback #5) should be kept in mind as we watch how the Israeli govt makes questionable decisions observers speculate could be partly motivated by Israel’s trade interests – not what is truly good for the country.

      PS: Thank you Ted for posting my previously zapped talkback.